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How to Fix Stunted Hair Growth

Stunted Hair Growth

We all agree that half of our beauty lies in the hair. The healthier your hair is, the better you feel. It gives you an unmatchable confidence. However, in some cases, hair growth stops. There are three different conditions in it:

  • Hair starts to get thinner
  • One side of the hair grows while the other stops growing
  • Hair growth has completely stopped

First, it is vital to know the reason behind this happening. Hair will not stop growing without any reason. There’s always some hidden cause behind it. If you identify the cause it gets easier to solve the issue. Let’s look into some common causes of stunted hair growth.


Hair naturally starts to get thinner because of age. It happens in both men and women, but the effect is more prominent in women because of their altered hormonal levels post-menopause. Fluctuating hormones cause hair loss or stunted hair growth. A reason behind this is the poor nutrition as the body starts to age. Naturally, the appetite starts to decrease with age.


Almost all kinds of body issues are related to genetics in one way or the other. If there’s a family member already experiencing stunted hair growth, you should pay more attention to maintaining a good diet and healthy hair habits. This reason is also found in both men and women, but the effect is more pronounced in men. Often men get bald after 50 years of age. This is because of the presence of a recessive gene on the Y chromosome which is absent in women.

Low Activity of Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland is a gland of the human body located in the neck region. It produces the hormones, triiodothyronine and tetraiodothyronine, which play a significant role in managing hair growth. Low activity of the thyroid gland will hurt certain bodily functions. You may feel the loss of hair growth. Other indicators are changes in weight and constant fatigue.

If you want to gain back your hair strength, you have an array of options available. A good advice is to start with home remedies. They may take time to show the results, but they are beneficial for the hair. There’s no use of chemicals so the hair isn’t damaged. If they don’t work for you, you can try some medications or medical procedures. We will discuss each of these options one by one.

Hair Growth Stunted

Home Remedies

  • Scalp Massage: Massaging gives you more than comfort. It will improve the flow of blood in the scalp. Blood brings all the essential nutrients with it, which will improve hair health.
  • Biotin: At items, hair growth is stopped because of the deficiency of a vitamin, biotin. If this is the cause of your hair loss, you can choose biotin masks for your hair.
  • Coconut Oil: Coconut contains natural healing substances that will make your scalp healthier. With a healthy scalp, the hair will get healthy.
  • Rosemary Oil: Rosemary oil also acts in the same way. It improves hair growth. Moreover, these oils are massaged, so that’s a 2 in 1 package to improve hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a valuable plant found in almost every country. Its beneficial healing properties help to repair dry or damaged scalp and will make your hair shinier and stronger.


If you have already tried a lot of home remedies and they did not work for you or caused an allergic reaction, you can go for medication to combat stunted hair growth. The best advice is to seek help from a health specialist. 


This medication is commonly referred to as Propecia. Propecia inhibits the action of 5-alpha-reductase enzymes. Hair loss is linked to the action of this enzyme. When this enzyme is unable to complete its action, hair loss will not occur.


Minoxidil, commonly known as rogaine, is a vasodilator. A vasodilator is a substance that dilates the blood vessels. The blood vessels near the scalp and hair follicles are dilated. Blood flow to the scalp increases which will ultimately promote healthier hair growth. 

The next step after medications is to choose a medical procedure if you want to fix stunted hair growth. For this, you need to go to a medical practitioner. He can recommend a hair transplant or scalp micropigmentation. In a hair transplant, a part of your hair is moved from a point where the hair is healthy to a point where hair growth has stopped. This is an immediate way to fix stunt your growth hair

Scalp micropigmentation is another way to fix hair growth. This is not a hair-growing procedure, it only gives the appearance of a fuller scalp. It is a good option for people who have a bald spot, but other areas are in good condition. Shadow-like circles are similar to your hair color and are created to give the appearance of hair.


If you have just started to feel hair loss, or your hair is not growing past a certain length for 6 months, you should immediately work to overcome this. If this issue spreads, it may get worse. Then, it would be difficult to deal with it. You should immediately try one of the given methods to fix stunted hair growth. The first advice is to use different oils or other home remedies as they are not harmful to your hair. The next idea is to take medications or go for a medical procedure to fix stunt hair growth.

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